Monastic Education Taw Kywe Luu is a monastery located in Myanmar, home for a family of monks and teachers who give shelter and education to a group of around 60 “Little Buddhas”.

Together, they carry out various activities, guided by Ashin Nandasiri, manager of the monastery. You can share with them your time and companionship.


You are welcome to come visit and help us with our daily activities. We would be grateful to share the experience with you.

We will go to gather water and food, chop wood to set a fire in the nightime, study at our school with the children and teachers of the Taw Kywe Luu monastery, meditate to find our own self… And many other activities you cannot miss!


If you would rather stay with us a few days, our monastery gives the opportunity to accommodate here.

We will share our buddhist wisdom and culture, walk by the natural landscape around the monastery and we will carry out our daily activities.

Feeling good about yourself is essential. At Taw Kywe Luu we will teach you how to enhance your meditations.